Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously Carla?

Who would have thought watching American Idol would teach me life lessons. During Hollywood week one very polite girl was attacked during the group song, and when asked why she never fought back and just took it she said that her mom taught her that "Loose lips sink ships." It was ever so appropriate on about 15 different levels for me and the trouble my impuslive mouth gets me into, and i will always think of that as i am about to become a loose cannon, which i have been known to do.

Lets take a look at exhibit A: The story of Seriously Carla?
I have been having a bit of trouble with my online math class and the weekly team portion. And when i say trouble i mean i feel as though i am the only one stepping up, doing the 1 or 2 people per week's problems that don't get done, and feel as though i am babysitting my team. Consequentially, i was caught in a bad moment and opened my mouth when i should have kept it shut, fueling an online math feud with what is probably some 18 year old. There is no better way to tell it than to flat out copy and paste the dialogue from the discussion board!

Hey team, does anyone mind stepping up and doing number 70 and 76? I noticed that everyone has 7 to 8 problems while I was assigned 12... Thank you to anyone that can help out.

Seriously Carla? It is just two additional questions, you can do the stepping up and finish your assigned section instead of asking everyone else who have already completed and submitted their sections do them for you over something as trivial as a difference of two questions.It will take you an additional 5 minutes, not to mention you got the first section which is always the easiest in the chapters. Kayla- Since you are team leader next week can you make sure to remember to assign Carla the least problems than the rest of the group?

So..... Maybe i took it a step further than i needed when i added the part about assigning her the least problems the next week. But seriously... SERIOUSLY. I stand firm that it was a bit ridiculous she was complaining about two extra problems. Mind you, this is MA096 (yes, i placed into short bus math). Those two extra problems consisted of turning decimals into percentages. It's not like we're working physics problems [see 77% in my take home quiz]. So naturally, Carla fired back.

Let's get something clear, I asked a question... If no one wanted to do it then it is what it is. For the record Heather DO NOT EVER SPEAK TO ME IN THAT FORMAT AGAIN.

I love technology and the emphasis of angry with Caps Lock :) Taking what i thought would be the higher road, i attempted to squash the situation.

I apologize if my message came across in a bad way, i meant it in more of a sarcastic tone than demeaning. I just felt it was all a bit unnecessary to ask if someone else could do two additional problems.

Probably a bit unnecessary that i had to throw that last dig in, but still. It continued on, except i learned to just shut my trap and hopefully she'll get over it. The thought did occur to me had i not said anything, either someone else would have, or it would have blown over and she would have just did her two extra problems and nothing would have even been noticed.

I can't help that I'm a bit of a firecracker at times. I say what is on my mind, and i try to contain myself. Containment is key, coming from a girl who went through anger management in college. I do now love the saying loose lips sink ships. Someday I'll learn to just keep it shut, but until then i can't help but say "Seriously Carla?"

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