Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inspired By Kittens

I've never enjoyed cats. I quite honestly think that they are pointless. Most of the ones i have had the chance to interact with don't want any interaction with me in the first place, and they are just down right mean creatures. Don't dare pick them up or they will claw your eyes out, make any motion towards them and they will jet in the cornor and stay there permanently until you leave. What is really the point to having a cat? To just feed and water it and let it shed all over your house? I am obviously a dog person. I love the return of affection and the interaction a dog gives you.

This however, made my day this morning and may have for at least momentarily, changed my views on cats. This is just my humor. Completely stupid. (Make sure your volume is on!)

And if this wasn't entertaining enough, check this dude out who mocked this poor little girl, the original creator of Kittins, Inspired By Kittens. Without further ado.. I give you Cats, Inspired By Kittens, Inspired By Kittins.

Hope you share the laughs. I know i get a kick out of it!

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