Friday, February 27, 2009

Fright Night

I must admit that i have psychotic thoughts and visions when alone. I lock the bathroom door when i shower, thinking to myself that when i open my eyes after washing the shampoo out of my hair that I'll become a replay of the movie Psycho. In the rare occasions I'm home alone for the night, i analyze every single little noise i hear, check the closet before bed, and to some extreme will even look under the bed. I have been known to double check the guest bedroom as well, and also get into bed and realize i didn't check the closet in the garage and run downstairs quick. I have always been terrified of being alone, thinking someone is lurking in the shadows ready to get me. Sometimes when i go to the bathroom or walk by a window with a reflection i do a double take expecting to look up and see someone behind me in my reflection. It really is all a bit quite ridiculous, and i know nothing like that would ever happen, but it's just one of those things that run through my mind. Maybe that's what feeds my love for the scariest movies i can find! I'm sure I'm not alone in these thought processes.

Tonight all of these frightening allegations have become a permanent resident in my mind. While sitting at the kitchen table, innocently doing my math homework (no thanks to Seriously Carla not doing her assigned section AGAIN), i happened to feel a presence, as i sometimes do. To my dismay, i literally lifted my head and SAW A FREAKING PERSON IN A SKI MASK smack dab through the window at my front door. I about peed myself while seriously thinking i may go into cardiac arrest. Who goes around wearing a ski mask, let alone wearing them at my very own front door? Serial Killers? Probably. Mass Murderers? I'm sure. Rapists? Definitely.

Seriously though, who wears a ski mask? Apparently our grounds keepers from the association of our town homes do, because it was just a friendly dude coming to shovel the foot of snow off of our steps from the dumping on of winter we got today.

I'm almost 100% positive i will have nightmares of ski mask terror tonight. Maybe I'll double up on the ambien, just to be sure I don't :)

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