Thursday, February 19, 2009

Physics Revealed

I have officially unlocked the secret to this conundrum that i call Physics. All i had to do was try to be an underachiever and my anxiety over passing would be gone entirely.

This Armenian physics professor has quite undoubtedly become my Nemesis.

I knew going into the first real test that i would fail. Not because I'm stupid. Not because i can't learn it. More so because this professor is crazy and it's just impossible to either understand him or interpret what he is trying to teach or even expect from us. One could say you can self teach yourself out of the book, but he doesn't quite follow the book to be able to do that. Either way it leaves you screwed. The one thing i was banking on was the retake. How does it make sense that you would be better off failing the first test, and retaking it for a better grade? Here are my reasons for purposely planning on being an underachiever and failing the test:

1-Not only does he cut the questions in half on the retake, but he also eliminates all of the "harder" questions.
2-Also, during said retake, you are allowed to take it whenever you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want. So never mind that hour and twenty minutes you had in a closed classroom void of all learning materials the first time around. The retake grants you the opportunity to take it at home, or in the library, with all of your resources in front of you, and the most valuable resources of all. Wait for it.

Where is the physics in this? How does this even make sense. Granted he does average the two, but you would have to be an idiot to not get 100% on the retake, and even if you failed with say a 50% on the first one that still gives you an overall of 75%.. Reach for the stars, i know. But at this point all i need is a 70% to pass the class and move on to next semester where i will meet my Armenian doom yet again in Radiologic Physics. I'm not so scared of that though, because it narrows in on one specific physics category, versus this general crap that has us learning stuff that is just beyond me, obviously, given the current situation and my grade.

So without further ado, i shall reveal my first in class physics test score.....62%.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! 62%.. Had i just been 2% more stupider, i would have been allowed to take the retake, but because i got over a 60% i can't. Where is the justice in this? I can honestly say this was the first time i got a test back and was mad that i didn't do worse.

I guess in the end I'm not worried. I know I'll pull through, i always do. So far being the overzealous student that i am this time around, i am running straight A's down the board, with the exception of physics. In my defense, that first section was the hardest section, so says the Armenian professor. And i did skip ahead and there are no more advanced algebraic or calculus equations that I'll need to learn, considering i'm still in short bus math with Seriously Carla?. Now we'll straight up be getting into what i call the fun physics, the periodical table, elements, atoms, matter, big bang theory and all that fun stuff that made me love physics to begin with.

I really do love physics, and have always loved physics. I have also been good at physics. So I'm just going to take this first section and shelve it, and know with the material that is yet to come i should be able to at least pull a B for a final grade. Or at least i hope so, because i have to take a total of 3 physics class. General Physics, Radiologic Physics, and Radiobiology Physics. Bring it bitches, no Armenian is going to take me down!

I was going to wrap this up and bring a point to it all, but my thought process was interrupted slightly.. What if i changed one of my correct answers and just pointed it out to the professor and were to be confused about which one was wrong or right.. Then it would be wrong and there's my 60% retake heaven! I am seriously going to try it come Tuesday when i come face to face with my nemesis yet again.

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