Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's in a dress?

What do you get when you take the most indecisive person in the world and tell them to make about 100 different decisions at once? Me, and this wedding that seemingly will never be planned.

Picking out THE wedding dress was the easiest part. For being a difficult indecisive person, it was only about 3 dresses in when i was like yep, this is the one. I didn't even try on the other two that were sitting there waiting to taunt me with their size 4 sample size saying "Buy me buy me, you'll save $300 if you could just binge and purge and be one of the 2% of brides that can actually fit into me."

Picking out the bridesmaid dress on the other hand..Complete different story. They should have a TLC show dedicated to this. Not so much "Say Yes To The Dress", but more of an extended Bridesmaid edition. And yes, i caught myself saying the one phrase i swore to myself i would never say, in odds of all bride stereotyping, which was "You could totally wear it again." Already I'm falling a victim to this bride stuff.

After browsing a few racks today with Danielle & Laura, i have found that a dress is a dress is a dress. What matters to me is that my girls love it, feel comfortable in it, and won't talk about how hideous it is behind my back! It's hard to please one person let alone seven, so i just hope at this point it will at least be comfortable for all. Today our bridesmaid dress browsing efforts paid off, and we narrowed it down to two. And in all honesty, if it were me, i really would wear either or again. That could be the delusional unintentional bride persona setting in, but i really would wear them. Cliche and all!

What i should have done was just had Jon picked them out. He would have had them picked out months ago, just like he had been itching to pick out the tuxes. If only he cared a little less about fashion and a little more about DJ's, photographers, videographers, and flowers, then this wedding would be locked down and all planned. And to think he asked if we should have a reception here in Minneapolis after the wedding. HELL NO! I told him when he intends on planning the first one then he can plan the second one. He didn't say much more about that idea afterwards, so I think one will do us in just fine :) I shouldn't bash on him too much though, because it's not like he's exactly dead weight in the planning process. It's more of the fact that he's more of a visionary. In other words he has thousands of ideas but lacks any sort of implementation skills.

For now, I'm glad i can actually cross 1 thing off of my list, which was purchasing the wedding gown. Hooray for progress, albeit slow and all :) I may not have an actual wedding (or reception for that matter) planned, but I'll be damned if i don't have the perfect dress to wear the day of!

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