Thursday, March 5, 2009

Creepy Guy

While trying to keep myself entertained in Physics today, my mind couldn't help but lean towards the side of observatory. I am and always will be a people watcher. Creepy dude was still being creepy as ever, although the head picking has come to a halt and instead he has started gnawing on his nails. I try not to watch him because he makes me sad, scabbed over splotchy peach fuzz facial hair and all. I still think he's in need of a friend and am yet to make my way out of my section of "cool kids." Creepy dude's title however, is officially being replaced with Creepy Guy, formerly known as Stereotype Breaking Guy...

He wasn't always a creepy guy. In fact, today during the first half of the lecture he was endearingly labeled Cute Guy. His dreamy eyes and grunge/prep look is something the girls ought to dig, and top that off with a bout of actual intellectualism this guy has, the single girls should be flocking over him. I did make friends with him, as promised in my physics blog a few entries back. And my assumptions were right, as i have learned from him and he helped me on the last take home quiz which i got a 100% on. Yay me!

Initially, he wasn't even a people watching candidate. Really he was just obstructing my view from original Creepy Dude. But then i noticed him passing a note to the girl to the right of him, two people up from me. I thought this was endearing and automatically refocused my attention on the pair of them. For one, who passes notes beyond the third grade, and two, why not just talk to each other. Lord knows our Armenian professor seems to be half deaf and they won't be disturbing anyone, as most everyone in the class have given up any attempts at following the lectures. And then i saw her, with a little twinkle in her eye. Of course she likes him. He's definitely the likeable type. I could see the excitement of the potential in young puppy love and i thought to myself, how friggen cute. Then i see him tilt his notebook in her direction and inscribed on his college ruled tab of notebook paper read:

You= Kinda Cool (Sort of)

I about died. How bold of this guy, and again, how adorable. Focusing on her i could almost feel her butterflies because she was radiating with immense energy. Here I'm thinking... I wonder if they'll go on to have babies someday and will forever recount this very situation that is playing out right before my very own eyes. Then I'm thinking, i hope they don't blog and consequentially refer to me as Creepy Observer Stalker Girl..

He continued to amuse her all throughout class, drawing pictures of our Armenian professor with bubble words my spidey vision couldn't make out. He even drew out a geographical map of what for all i know was Armenia. Already i am amping up for the first day i get to witness their first quarrel, for sure this is a match made in love heaven. I was eagerly on cloud nine just imagining their possibilities, and having just talked about my own wedding plans with my new found school friends.

So then picture me, leaving class, all head in the clouds thinking about the amount of cuteness i had just witnessed. I had to stop off in the bookstore to grab my new math book for the second section of my online math class, and i was searching in the very last shelve which happened to be right by the door to the bookstore. Then to my surprise, i hear their voices right outside the door. And THIS is what transformed formerly Stereotype Breaking Guy, into Cute Guy, into Creepy Guy.

Her: "So tell me again how you remembered my name?"
Him: "I don't know, i just remembered."
Her: "This is the first time we've ever even talked?"
Him: "Well......"
(Insert long awkward pause and great deal of hesitation)
Him: Ok, so i looked you up on facebook.
Her: (Immediately with a tone in her voice that i could tell she got creeped out) "You would have had to known my name to look me up on facebook."
Him: "I know, but i went on to eCompanion [the campus website] and turns out you can click on your class and view the roster."
Her: Why where you in there doing that?
Him: Well... I thought it would be cool to find people in our class on facebook.
Her: Oh, so you're one of those people? What were you intending on doing once you found someone.
Him: I never got that far.
Her: But you got far enough as to scour through all the female names in the class, strategically searching for each one on facebook, to match the names to their pictures?
Him: I can send you a friend request.
Her: I have to get going to my next class.

Makes me wonder how many other people out there in my various classes have gone to the same extremes he has of downloading the class roster off of eCompanion and then strategically searching facebook for the members of your class. Have i been searched? Entertaining enough for one day. We'll see if he grows increasingly creepier next week.

And i wonder why my grade in Physics stresses me out!

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