Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Underwater Misadventures

Do you ever have those moments when you think to yourself, "Really, did i really just say that?" Needless to say i have those moments quite frequently.

Take today for instance. I happened to sit in the student lounge for once to socialize in between class rather then sitting in the library to avoid the people who i find rather annoying, like Barbi. First of all, if your name is Barbi you automatically are considered annoying in my book without even having to say or do anything. So today i decide to sit with my peeps in the lounge mainly because i wanted to compare answers on my physics take home quiz. Well, not mainly. That was the sole reason for my social hour rendezvous. In doing so i had to sit and pretend to be interested in Barbi and stories of her boyfriend Stephen and how she forgot her shoes at his house which is two hours away and how she hates the long drive and how she just bought another pair of really cool aeropostale jeans and that her job sucks and she hates working at Underwater Adventures. At that point i had to just laugh to myself and feel bad for her knowing she's sitting there making all but $7/hour at some shit job at the Mall of America. So somewhere between Underwater Adventures and for the first time me wanting to actually go to physics just to get away from her, she started talking about puffer fish. Barbi, being the underwater expert she is and all because she works as a cashier at an aquarium inside of a friggen mall in the mid-west, felt the need to describe how puffer fish can kill themselves by puffing up because it takes so much energy in doing so with sucking in all that water. Paying attention in a half assed sort of way i decided to play a contributing part in this so called social hour and said "I don't know why the thought just occurred to me that they puff up by sucking in water. I guess i always just imagined it was air.. But if they're underwater it would have to be water right?"

The looks i got from Barbi were condemning. And yes, i know it was stupid, and i'm known to say some very very stupid things, but don't give me that look. I wanted to rip out my mid-term progress report we got two weeks ago and be like i'm ranked #1 in our class, so eat that BARBARA. Because that's your name, Barbara, not Barbi! Someone has to be #1. That someone just so happens to think puffer fish always filled up with air underwater.

Ah yes. Another day at school.

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