Thursday, December 11, 2008

Contemplation & Revelations

I have always taken pride in knowing exactly who I am. From an early age I had a sense of self awareness and never had to go through that awkward stage of finding yourself. I never understood that. Why would I need to look for myself, I’m right here! I remember Jon saying to me early on that he loves how I’m not afraid to be myself. My response to him was who else would I be?

Why then can I not seem to find myself in this strange world of blogging? I try to be charming and amusing. I know I can count my readers on one hand, but I hope to someday have the type of interesting content to attract strange, a.k.a. randoms. Lord knows I was great at attracting double digit strange back in my younger self destructive years! I know my life now is not the type of life one may strive to live vicariously through, but it’s my life and I’m quite fond of it and all of its idiosyncrasies. In trying to compose my last couple of blogs I have struggled with even amusing myself. Entertainment doesn’t flow naturally out of me onto the keyboard. What does come natural to me though is observation, contemplation and revelations. Maybe I’ll take a “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” approach.

Nonetheless, I’m not sure what my goal was when starting this blog. At first I thought it may be a way to provide an update on our daily life to my friends or even a diary type thing to look back and reflect upon, but I’ve found myself more often than not drafting up a post only to delete it because I didn’t think it would be amusing enough for anyone to read. Maybe my personal contemplations will lead others to seek out the answers to their own questions in life. Regardless, I hope what few readers I have will bear with me during my path of inner blogness. Whether it is a quick update, funny story, or epiphany type entry, someday this blog will have a recurring feel to it.

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