Monday, November 3, 2008

Kirby to the rescue...

So, i had all intentions of starting my blog off on a good note. Today was a good day! Or so i thought. In a shit storm of what seems like constant diarrhea, lately it's harder than one thinks to keep a positive attitude. (And apparently it's harder to keep a blog PG-rated. That's 1 for the coin jar.)

"We should really consider ourselves lucky"
"It could always be worse"
"We'll always have Kirby"

Life has a funny way of putting things into perspective. Something as simple as FINALLY registering for classes made me have this revelation today where i told myself, "Today is a good day." And it really was. I hit the registration jackpot. Classes only on Tue & Thur 12-3:30, and that's it (full-time nonetheless!). All i can look forward to is 7 days a week of sleeping in and working on these phantom scrapbooks that I've never actually even completed.. Or come to think of it even started.

But then reality has a way of finding me again and Jon comes home and it turns into the epic battle of the insurance company and I'm knocked back down to the ground. All of the sudden impending unemployment, school expenses, and an imaginary wedding doesn't seem realistic. Would it be selfish to spend more money on school and give up my salary for 28 months when there are bigger fish to fry? So, needless to say, after demanding Jon start looking for a new job with insurance that won't make him pay $500 a month for his medication, and me seriously contemplating the idea of going to the courthouse and secretly getting married so he can be on my insurance, i sought solace in coming upstairs and working on my latest picture project.

"Keep your head up"
"All will be well"

Yes, i will keep one foot forward and still title my blog "Today was a good day"

And then i find a pool of pee on my bedroom floor. STELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I knew there was a reason we named her that. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Mind you, our dog has not peed on the floor upstairs in like 2 years and i just went on a 48 hour prednisone induced cleaning frenzy over the weekend worthy of Danny Tanner like envy. I think she's acting out and can sense the underlying stress of the situation we've found ourselves in. WWCMD. What Would Cesar Milan Do? Luckily it was Kirby to the rescue. But in the grand scheme of things as Jon and i are steam cleaning piss (yes, that's 2 for the coin jar), and laughing yet again at our rather impulsive Kirby vacuum purchase, i can't help but think... "Today was a good day." Coming home and finding pee on your bedroom floor and being able to just laugh at it together and forget about everything else for a few minutes, i guess that's not so bad. As my sister Bridget said, "Guardian Angels come in all forms, even as Kirby Salesmen." I really think she's right.

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