Sunday, November 9, 2008


You can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can't take the Michigan out of the girl. GO BLUE!

The weekend of long anticipation has come and gone. Holly & Bill made the long 9 hour drive to come visit and watch Michigan play Minnesota in the Metrodome on Saturday! The weekend brought many revelations. First and foremost is the now confirmed fact that i am officially losing my long term memory! Let me remind you that i am from Michigan.. The U.P. nonetheless, which makes me a yooper. Among many yooper instincts is that of the game of euchre. If there is anything i remember the most of my youth in DeTour it is 2 things. Partying and euchre. Holly and i practically had an entire side language for table talk. We were all Helen Keller like in our ways of hand gestures. So Friday night as we were drunk off our arses we figured lets play the boys at euchre!!! And then it hit me.. I DON'T REMEMBER HOW TO PLAY! I legitimately was at a loss of memory for the game. Even down to the point that you only use 9's, 10's and face cards. Or even that you used the 5's to keep score. How does that happen? How do you 100% forget something that was practically instilled in you in the womb?? It is really quite scary. After a brush up lesson most of it had come back to me, but i had forgotten all my strategery, all our table talk, everything :( Makes you wonder what else in life you have forgotten??
And now on to revelation number deuce... I am now officially past the age where getting drunk before noon is something i can handle! The game was at 11, so needless to say by 12 we were completely wasted. We managed to make it through the entire game unscathed in our Michigan gear. However, two young lads directly in the next row down from us were verbally abused the entire time. Maybe we went unassaulted because people mistook Holly for Sarah Palin.. PEW PEW PEW (wink)!
In between beer runs and bathroom runs all that stair climbing has given me shin splints today. During one particular memorable bathroom run i managed to ask Holly if she'd be my maid of honor :) It came out while that little bi*ch who is like an entire foot taller than me was walking with her arm around my shoulder.. The conversation went something of this sort:

Holly: You'd make the perfect boyfriend.
Me: Why's that?
Holly: Because you're so much shorter and it's easy to walk around next to you!
Me: (Sarcastically) Remind me to make you wear flats in my wedding!
Holly: Nah, just stick me down on the end, one of your sisters will be standing next to you anyways.
Me: Actually, i was wondering if you'd be my maid of honor..

Then there was some mushy stuff, and some hugging, and i even think tears welled up in her eyes (Which if you really know Holly you know how unemotional she likes to remain). So after a few minutes of some special bonding over the moment and telling her that i just couldn't choose one sister over the other and that when i really thought about it i just couldn't imagine anyone else standing next to me other than her, the conversation continues something to the sorts of this...
Holly: You're not really going to make me wear flats are you?
Me: Noooooooooooooooooooooo......... Well.......... Maybe.
Holly: Well... I guess it depends on what the dress looks like.

So to all my bridesmaids out there, blame Holly if i end up putting you in a foor length dress! haha. Let's not forget this picture of her and I from this summer. GLARING height difference. (To her defense she was in heels and i was in flats, but she's still Sasquatch like in her height.)
Now... back to the whole revelation of not being able to handle being drunk by noon. After getting a good drunk on at the game we went to Hubert's across from the metrodome. After some drinks there and Jon & I not entirely knowing where to go out in the city without walking 50 blocks to and from, we figured we'd head to uptown for some food and then we'd just be there and could hit the bars in uptown for the night. It wasn't until after we were done eating and on the verge of already sobering up that we realized it was only like 5pm! We all just sort of sat there in bewilderment and then came to a unanimous agreement of just going back to the house to relax and freshen up before maybe hitting the town up later in the night. These sure aren't the college days where you wake up, start drinking at 8, and party on until 3 in the morning to wake up and do it all over again. Yet again a reminder of getting older, but I'm OK with that. Sometimes it's nice to know your friends are too! Look at how cute the boys look all passed out by 7pm!Even though we didn't go out Saturday and ended up sleeping the majority of the evening, it was a great weekend. Nothing is better than the support of some friends to make life a little better and take our minds off of the everyday mundane.
As i said in the beginning, you can take the girl out of Michigan but not the Michigan out of the girl. It really makes me think back to the DMB song Best Of What's Around.
"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters"

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