Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Hour & The Horoscope

Am i THE only person in this world who hates "Happy Hours"??? I'm not talking about the occasional "hey, lets go get a drink, its 2 for 1 happy hour." I'm talking about the 3 month notice of some work function happy hour where if you hear one more random person from some department like accounting ask if you're going to the happy hour in 5 weeks just because you're standing there awkwardly next to each other while waiting for the coffee to brew, you might seriously consider going vampire bat on their jugular with a stapler remover.

Seriously though, Golf Galaxy needs a happy hour intervention. Every week is someones last day (we're all losing our jobs P.S.), therefore every week is yet another happy hour. Which for the people at work i actually DO like, i will attend. Except i don't really like too many people at work and all of the ones i did like have long bailed on me since our announcement in June. So, needless to say there are maybe 2 people at work i actually still enjoy talking to and would want to hang out with after work. One of them has a 2 year old and has an excuse to bail out on the happy hours. The other one, Rebecca, shares my hatred of "Happy Hours."

Lets first discuss the mother of all happy hours which was tonight (i should say IS tonight, except I'm at home blogging. nice.) Tomorrow is the last day for literally half of the office, or at least the entire first floor. So why not celebrate all of our impending financial burdens and unemployment with a big cheery HAPPY HOUR! Yay for cutting costs and eliminating our office only to spend ridiculous amounts of company money on alcohol and happy appys! This amounts to everyone planning on going, and since it's so big there is at least one person to guilt you into going (thanks Rebecca). So, needless to say all anyone could talk about today was if they were going to the happy hour or not.

Rebecca and I both agreed we hate happy hours. We were however up for a drink. We both hate happy hours so much, that we decided we'd rather go pay for our own drinks somewhere completely on our own. After all, we'd just end up talking to each other anyways. That was the plan and i was happy with our plan. Until she comes over with this look on her face at about 3:58 and says, "Google horoscopes says we have to go." We're both Cancers. Putting up some resistance i say i want a second opinion with Yahoo. This is what we get:

"Focus on domestic issues for now -- you've got more going on than you can take care of all at once, but you ought to be able to get it all organized so it's easier for you going forward"

Ironically convenient for my situation. Score 1 for team Heather! Rebecca, you must understand i have some serious domestic issues going on which need tending to at home. Being equally resistant she says, well lets try something else. So we try MSN and get this horoscope:

"Are you having problems with the lighting or heating in your living room, dear Cancer? If so, there could be problems with the entire neighborhood, and you might not be able to get a professional out today. You may have to pull out the flashlights to get you through the evening. Nonetheless, don't let this throw you. It's a minor, temporary inconvenience that'll be handled. Think of it as an adventure!"

Thank god for MSN horoscopes! Now i know to save my blog every sentence in anticipation of this power outage!!! Score 2 for team Heather. Desperate, she says, we just HAVE to go, Google Horoscopes said so. Not wanting to face the truth, i submitted into finding out what Google had to say:

"The Full Moon falls in your 11th House of Groups, yet you might prefer to spend some introspective time by yourself, rather than having to be lost in a crowd. Anonymity is currently less appealing to you than solitude, but it may be impossible to get away from the social noise. Instead of fighting against the inevitable, make the best of any situation."

Rebecca pulls out a victory with the trump of all horoscopes. Yes, Google was indeed telling us we needed to go. Not wanting to piss off the astrological gods and wanting to leave at 4 like everyone else, we headed off to the Happy Hour. It was miserable and we hated it and we left after 1 drink. We are however meeting up for wine at her place some other night. Call me anti-social, but i seriously really do hate happy hours. I'd much rather spend my time with people i want to be surrounded by, not ones I'm forced into awkward conversations with.

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