Sunday, January 11, 2009

You heard it here

I can be a bit conceited when it comes to my ability of seeking out the next best thing. Usually it deals with music. I revel in the fact that i go against the grain, listening to more folk/bluegrass and most always underground music. Mainstream is for people who don't know anything about the music they're listening too, they're just sheep being herded. I do listen to mainstream, once my underground artist sells out. Yes, I'm a music snob, and i admit it. Only because i know I'm right and you're wrong. But music is really my passion. I just find it hilarious when someone asks me if I've heard such and such and i don't have the heart to tell them, yeah, three years ago. Or i love it even more when three years ago i pinned this artist as the next thing and then now all the sudden they break out. I have little methods of this seeking out of music believe it or not. In the spirit of sharing, i thought i shall pass some knowledge along.

First off, it is never the artist so much as it is the label. It's all in the label. The music execs know their shit, and it is shown in the type of artists they sign. My favorite label is Brushfire Records. From Brushfire, owned by Jack Johnson mind you, one can find other artists such as A.L.O or Animal Liberation Orchestra for short, Zach Gill, who is the pianist and lead singer for A.L.O. and pianist for Jack Johnson, as well as having his own solo career. From there we also have Rogue Wave, Money Mark, G. Love & Special Sauce, Matt Costa, and a few other friends. Usually i find my random artists by seeking out who is opening for them on tour. From such findings i have found Ted Lennon, who opened for Jack on his Japan tour. I actually believe Brushfire just signed Mason Jennings who got his start around Minneapolis.
So it's no lie that I'm always looking for the next best thing, and when that next best thing surfaces three years after i have already discovered it i feel as though they should be paying me some royalties because after all, i discovered them. As i mentioned in the beginning, usually it deals with music. Sometimes it wanders off the path of entertainment. The last best example could be Dane Cook. I was on him like flies on shit before anyone really knew who he was. It was a little bit of an obsession more like it, but now he's mainstream and success follows him anywhere. After Dane sold out and started taking B-rated movie scripts and went off the path of what made him great in the first place, which was doing his OWN comedy, i sought out a new favorite comic. Sorry Dane, I still heart you and shall always quote you. I know you will be back again someday in your original state of what made you great.
So, to those of you who by random chance may have heard of Demetri Martin, i applaud you for being out there against everyone else in the you heard it first club. He has been on Comedy Central once, but i don't think he's quite popular yet and has achieved cult followings. Anyways, i got bored tonight and was looking for the next best thing, or coincidentally "Best of what's around." The reason why i love him? Simple. He merges the three things i love most. The music, art, and comedy, but not necessarily all at the same time. He's also just very simply, obvious, and random. And i like random :) May not be the best up and coming out there, but definitely a fresh face with fresh techniques. I tried to find a good video on the Internet, but couldn't' find anything with my 5 minute attention span spent on the subject, so i have settled for this below video which is a good sampler, minus the guitar being in the skit. If you enjoy his humor much in the way i enjoy his humor, let some peeps know. Demetri Martin. You heard it first! lol


Lyndsay said...

Matt Costa - yay!

You'd also prolly like Ray LaMontange, Brett Dennen and Mat Kearney ...

Only 'cuz I am a music snob too!

Heather said...

Well hello my fellow music snob! We come few and far between. I do already listen to your trio of suggestions and love them all, especially Ray. It's very rare to find someone like ourselves that listen to the same artists as we do. You should check out Xavier Rudd. White Moth & Solace are his best albums. I also have been getting into James Morrison (you have to check out You Make It Real) and have found Matt&kim (Check out Daylight and Spare Change):) If you haven't already, hope you get the chance to. Xavier will change your life, i promise!

Lyndsay said...

Oh, I am going to have to check out Xavier; one I haven't hear of yet.

Thought of a couple more: Matt Costa, Matt Nathanson, and Beth Orton (love her!).