Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I've been a bit absent as of late, but it's due to good cause. I started school . This said, i thought i would share some of the wisdom i have gained at school over the past two weeks.

1- Don't wear a faux fur coat to a school where there is a vet tech program. This will not earn you any friends and will only gain you dirty looks and isolation in the student lounge. (Note to self) Go buy a fleece jacket, because 100% genuine leather is no better than 0% fur.

2- As much as your eyes may want to wander towards the creepy kid next to you in Physics class with the Jeffrey Dahmer sense of fashion, keep your attention on the Armenian speaking professor, whether you can understand him or not. Staring at said creepy kid will only result in you physically witnessing him scratch the scabs on his head, roll them between his finger and thumb and then yes... wait for it... EAT IT! This is no lie. This will happen, and continue to happen, if you stare at creepy kid.

3- When the director asks you to sign permission to do a background check for the committee of ethics and explains how any priors will result in forbidance to sit for your board exams, just sign it and then drop out of the program. Don't get up and walk out. We know you're a felon now, and we see you on campus. Let's hope he doesn't make friends with creepy Physics kid.

Of course I've learned all sorts of other scholarly things, but i can't help but find amusement in this old yet familiar world i have landed in. 27 months and 2 weeks left!

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