Saturday, April 18, 2009

To china or not to china?

I'd be quoting myself if i were to write "I don't want to register for china. I don't really see the need for it and don't have a china cabinet, nor do i ever entertain anyone. Plus, I'd much rather register for and get other things." Follow that up with a more lengthy continuation of going on and on about how every bridal magazine says china is the number one thing to register for and china this and china that and how for whatever reason i just don't want to register for china. DAMN YOU CHINA!

Of course it would have been helpful had i known the the tid bit of information regarding the fact that my soon to be mother-in-law has a tradition of purchasing china for each one of her son's for their wedding. Apparently i was out of the loop on that one while i ran my mouth regarding the topic in front of said soon to be mother-in-law who i am convinced has permanently black listed me from any hopes of being on her good side. Open mouth and insert foot right?

It wasn't so much that I'm anti-china. I guess i just assumed who would want to purchase china for us? And it's the sort of thing you can't half own, so not really knowing how much china costs and assuming it's expensive, i wouldn't want people buying pieces and then not having a complete set and knowing myself never going out and finishing the purchase.

Now enter a trip to Macy's to scope out the registering possibilities while downtown today. All of the sudden i find myself spending an hour in the china department ooo-ing and aaah-ing over this pattern and that color and that accent plate. And i wasn't alone in this venture. Jon was just as excited about every possibility china has to offer as well. I was like a meth addict in a meth lab. When did i care so feverishly about china?

It's typical to my pattern of behaviour regarding this wedding. I know i must be annoying considering I've done a complete 180 on every choice thus far. Maybe the planning would go a lot smoother if i just took everything i think i want and do the exact opposite and save me the time of eventually changing my mind anyways.

Still.. We didn't register today, only went in to get information to see if we needed an appointment or whatnot. I think we'll tackle that project next weekend. And even though i know Jon's mom will have us pick out of a special catalog which china set to register for, i am all the sudden impatient and all i want to do is pick out our china. What gives?

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