Monday, April 6, 2009

Stone Cold Vs. The Rock

Among the excitement of a night of baseball season openers and basketball championship playoffs, my evening ends with this statement.

"I guess the Stone Cold with have to beat The Rock tomorrow night."

It began more along the lines of "But I'm THIS CLOSE to beating The Rock!" That was the plee i heard after finishing 9 straight hours of torturous math homework detailing the factoring of polynomials, trinomials, and what ever else nomial may have you. So, exhausted and seeing numbers much in the way one might still see packman race across the ceiling after 9 straight hours at an arcade I decide to make my way downstairs. All i want to do is take in 30 minutes of some me time in front of the TV before tackling my next 5 straight hours through the night homework from hell physics assignment. So I politely ask Jon if he wouldn’t mind pausing his game so I can just watch 30 minutes of TV before hitting the books again.

Ten minutes later I finally get him to pause the game and turn on the TV. To my surprise two episodes of The Hills had recorded. Alas, the return of my smut guilty pleasure of a show. Usually at about the point where I press play and the voice over of “Previously on The Hills” hits Jon’s ear canal he turns to head upstairs. Except tonight he didn’t. Tonight he watched not one, but two episodes with me. Upon finishing the shows in a sigh of defeat Jon proclaims “It’s the Twins season opener game and the championship basketball game and I just spent an hour watching The Hills.” In defiance of him denying our magical Hills moment together, I reminded him that he watched it by choice. I told him he could have went upstairs and watched it like he would any other night. Then I reminded him that he was playing video games before I even came down and wasn’t watching the games anyways. And with that he remembered his game waiting on pause. Without skipping a beat he picks up the controller and this time in my sigh of defeat I get up to permanently affix myself to the kitchen table for the rest of the midnight hours doing homework (or blogging at a successful attempt in procrastination.)

Then it happened. I must have forgotten the 11th commandment that states “thou shalt not cross the path of the TV whilst video games hath being played.” Had I read past 10 I may have avoided the blood curdling shrieks that came from Jon as he screamed NOOOOOOOO. Then I look over my shoulder and witness Stone Cold Steve Austin being pinned by The Rock. Apparently I walked across the screen in the perfect amount of timing that it took to block the one button he needed to see to push to avoid being pinned. Yes, the last 2 hours you spent on this match were a waste. (Na Na Na Boo Boo) Sorry.

And so it ends with him saying “I guess the Stone Cold will have to beat The Rock tomorrow night” and me saying “I guess Heidi will have to dump Spencer next week.” And that’s just a typical night in the life of Jon & I.

See you and me
Have a better time than most can dream
Have it better than the best
Whatever tears at us
Whatever holds us down
And if nothing can be done
We’ll make the best of what’s around

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