Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Because..

Excerpt from my diary:
February 9, 2009
I felt compelled to get on and ramble for a while. I was trying to think of something to put in my blog, but then I realized I should just write some words of my own for myself. Sometimes Jon has these ways of making me feel special, when I really know he means it. Or maybe it’s that he knows me just enough to know just what I need. He’s said it a few times, but today he just said “I’m so proud of you.” and I asked him why and he said just because for going back to school and doing your best. He’s very encouraging of anything I want, and I guess that makes me very lucky. I have a hard time reciprocating those sentiments. But times like today when he just made me feel special in some uncanny meaningless way, it really did mean the world to me. And I remember the things like that that make me love him.

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